Gulargambone Rural Supplies offers a wide range of rural merchandise and general hardware as well as fuel and heating gas.

Gular Rural is a part of a small network of shops owned by the Rohr family and is one of the few locally owned and operated independent rural merchandise and hardware retail outlets operating in the local shires of Gilgandra, Coonamble and Coonabarabran.

The business was founded by Geoff and Leila Rohr in 1947 at Tooraweenah and has slowly expanded to 5 outlets and a staff of over 30 locally employed people. The Rohr family are fiercely supportive of small communities and believe strongly in spending locally wherever possible.

Peter Rohr says he decided to participate in the Gular Buy Local campaign because “it’s just good business to support those who support us. Gulargambone is a small town, but this community is extremely proud and very proactive in promoting the town. This campaign is a bit of fun and something different,” Peter said.

“We would be happy to see a nice full barrel at the draw for the trailer, with a large crowd in attendance and for this promotion to raise the profile of all the various businesses in Gulargambone,” Peter said. With a network of shops operating in the area, Gulargambone Rural Supplies can source a lot of product that customers might not necessarily expect, quickly and cheaply.

“Most of the locals know about us to one degree or another, but might not be aware of all the different things we can source as well. There is also the perception that because we operate in a small town that we are not price competitive compared to larger centres. We believe this is a misconception and that in fact often the opposite is true.” “Gular is important to us because of the people. Our customers often must face all manner of adverse conditions on the land. The convenience of having our outlet in Gular means a much shorter trip to purchase basic and often urgent supplies has a significant value to them and make life just that bit easier,” Peter said.