The Gulargambone Riverwalk measures approximately 420m from one bridge to the next, one way, but of course is considerably longer should you desire to take the time to explore. The 400m section behind the retail businesses on Bourbah Street will feature, come Festival Day six large sculptures and a number of minor sculptures.

The Dhuulii or Sand Goanna is at home in this environment. Created by Gilgandra farmer and part-time sculpturer Rowan Chandler, ‘Gary the Goanna’, affectionately named by our local children is made from scrap wheel bearings.

Local artist Alison Dent has created the “Outrigger” using parts from an old dray which was salvaged on her “Neeworra” property.

This Nesting Bird was created by using recycled wire netting has also been donated to the Riverwalk Project by Alison.

Strikingly painted poles (disused by Essential Energy and recycled by JR Richards) are a collaboration between Weilwan Ngemba artist Peter Mackay and the Gulargambone Central School students. The Maliyan or Wedgetail Eagle stands proudly over his nest surveying the scene for his next prey. This majestic eagle was created by Dubbo commercial welder and scrap metal artist, Norman Organ.

Dispersed throughout the Riverwalk are mini sculptures of Geckos, Wrens, Ants and Dragonflies. All created by Dubbo Sculpturer Norman Organ.

This project was funded by Create NSW, Regional Arts NSW, Country Arts Support Program (CASP) 2021, Outback Arts, Dubbo City and Gilgandra Toyota, Essential Energy, Inland Petroleum, Nutrien, AMPS and Gulargambone Co-op.