Maged Hanna opened his pharmacy on Monday 15th September 2014, hoping to make a difference to a small town. And we were lucky enough for him to choose our town.

A local chemist has not been seen in Gulargambone for many years and the town rejoiced. Saving us all a minimum of a 100km round trip to our nearest chemist, or having to wait until the next day, when the local doctor’s receptionist would return to town and deliver any scripts from the previous day. If you missed this service, then you missed out.

Aside from dispensing scripts, Maged (or Hanna as commonly known), provides many other services including Webster Packs for pills, free blood pressure monitoring, free blood sugar monitoring, free delivery, and provides prescription services to Coonamble MPS and Gulargambone MPS.

The pharmacy also provides all your baby needs, women’s accessories and healthcare products, a wide range of vitamins, a small range of footwear, and some basic disability aides. Located on the main street of Gulargambone, he also organised a rejuvenation of his shop front, including a fresh coat of paint and signage.