Gulargambone is fast becoming a cultural hot spot, thanks to innovative locals transforming their town with quirky and colourful art projects. 





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The Gulargambone Community Enterprises Cooperative Ltd commenced operations in 2008 when the local service station (fuel/mechanical workshop) ceased trading. Its purpose initially was to provide fuel supplies to local and traveling customers through a volunteer workforce operating five days per week

In the meantime, the Co-op was in communications with a Dubbo based fuel distributor to construct a self-service fuel depot within the town.

Ultimately this occurred, however Co-op members and volunteers worked for some three years before they could cease this vital service. The structure of the Co-op was such that other business ventures and promotion could be carried out when needed to secure the future of Gulargambone.

In September 2016, it was decided via two town forums that a number of improvements needed addressing within the town. Since the reactivation of the Co-op in 2017, there is a renewed enthusiasm to reverse the declining local economy, make significant upgrades to the main street and muster local support for our local businesses.

Pave the Way Art Festivals was the concept borne from discussions within the Co-op to achieve the underlying pursuit of revitalising Gulargambone and driving visitation into the CBD, stopping highway traffic just for a while to view the art and for caravaners, staying beyond their planned 1-2 nights.

We have a reputation of providing significant community arts projects including 15 street murals; five sculptural window installations within closed shops along Bourbah Street; the water tower 3D mural of the Sacred Kingfisher (subject of an Australian stamp) and the “Ghosts of Bullocks” sculpture.

2018 was the inaugural Pave the way to Gular Art Festival where 11 artists from all around the nation painted 13 street murals including our famous “Lucky Dip” Kingfisher on the town’s water tower. Just 1 month earlier we unveiled the “Ghosts of Bullocks” wire netting sculpture, depicting 6 life-sized bullocks and a genuine dray loaded with wool bales also
made of wire netting.

2019 saw the Co-op’s Window Way festival present the street beautification of five disused shops, repainted in bright pastel colours with window installations created by six local artists and another two street murals. The Street Party with market stalls, food vans and entertainment brought the town alive.

2021’s Festival saw the Gulargambone Riverwalk transformed into a Sculpture Trail with four large sculptures and a number of minor sculptures all by local artists. One sculpture saw a collaboration between Gulargambone Central School Students and Weilwan Negambar artist Peter Mackay complete the painting of three disused Essential Energy electricity poles. Atop one of the poles sits a magnificent metal sculpture of a wedgetail eagle standing over his nest. Two more murals along Bourbah Street near exhausted our spaces for murals. Street Party markets, food vans and entertainment rounded out the day. Next day the Day on the Green musical concert at the Bowling Club delivered a program of five entertainers free of charge to all in attendance.

The 2022 Festival will see a murals with provocative concepts referencing mental health, climate change, animal extinction and other environmental and political issues, promising a myriad of interesting and exciting live paintings and large-scale works. A street party with markets, food vans and entertainment will close out the festival.


Come visit our clever and creative town out west some time.

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