Gulargambone is fast becoming a cultural hot spot, thanks to innovative locals transforming their town with quirky and colourful art projects. 





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The Gulargambone Community Enterprises Co-operative Limited commenced operations in 2008 when the local service station (fuel/mechanical workshop) and fuel depot ceased trading. It’s purpose initially was to provide fuel supplies to local and traveling customers.

 This was carried out with the cooperation of many community minded volunteers who operated the fuel station five days per week. In the meantime, the Co-operative was in communication with a Dubbo based fuel distributor to construct a self-service fuel depot within the town. Ultimately this occurred, however the Co-operative members and volunteers worked for some three years before they could cease this vital service. The structure of the Co-op was such that other business ventures and promotion could be carried out when needed to secure the future of Gulargambone. In September 2016, it was decided via two town forums that a number of improvements needed addressing within the town. Auspiced by two eight two eight Inc, the Co-operative was successful in applying to the Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program – Energise Enterprise Fund. The project was a ‘Shared Marketing Strategy’ for local businesses whereby consultants were engaged to implement and deliver the following: – Shared highway signage plan – Buy local campaign – Print, radio and social media plan – Video cameos and image bank – Shopfront and streetscape designs – Marketing of local business opportunities regionally The grant of $25,000 was acquitted on 4 June 2017 with the final completion of consultancy work on 30 June. It is anticipated a further 12 months working with our Public Relations consultant to pull together all aspects fo the strategy to deliver the final element of ‘marketing local business opportunities regionally’. The objects of the Co-operative are: – to facilitate or assist initiatives which identify and fill gaps in the retail, business and service mix – to facilitate or assist initiatives that generate income and employment for local residents – to support initiatives that strengthen or diversify the industry base of the district – to raise obtain and receive funds or other aid for the purpose of achieving the objects of the co-operative by means of subscriptions, donations, bequests, fundraising or by any other means – to apply the capital, income and property of the co-operative, or any part thereof, towards the objects of the co-operative – to hire, lease, purchase, rent or acquire by other lawful means any buildings, land or equipment considered necessary to the achievement of the objects Since the reactivation of the Co-operative late February 2017, resulting in six new directors being elected, there is a renewed enthusiasm to reverse the declining local economy, make significant upgrades to the main street and muster local support for our local businesses. The consultant assigned to the shopfront and streetscape concept designs has pitched her ideas to Coonamble Shire Council in May 2017 with unanimous support which is most significant. Some ten years ago this same consultant was among a committee who pitched to Council that the 26m high town water tower be an artistic canvas. As of June 2017 this became a reality.

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